The phenomenon

Fungi grow indefinitely at their tips. In the movie the cytoplasmic membrane and internal membranes were labelled and observed in a fluorescence microscope. Movie provided by Nick Read (Manchester).

Scheme of a hyphal tip


Hyphal growth requires vesicle transport along microtubules. Close the hyphal tip vesicles accumulate in a special fungal organelle, the Spitzenkörper (Spk), before they are transported along actin filaments to reach the cytoplasmic membrane where the fuse and secrete e.g. chitin synthases. The picture was taken from our recent review (Riquelme et al., 2018).

Aspergillus nidulans as a model to study fungal cell biology

This movie shows a compartment of Aspergillus nidulans undergoing mitosis and illustrates the tools we are using to study polar growth and the role of microtubules. Tubulin and a nuclear-pore complex protein were labelled with GFP and histone with mRFP. In the GFP channel in the left picture, microtubules and the nuclear envelope are visible. In the mRFP channel individual chromosomes can be seen and how they are pulled to the two opposite poles. The movie was taken by Valentin Wernet.