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Myc-Lab Recycled: Our ecological side!

April 2009. From left to right: Birgit Roser, Nicole Helber, Stephanie Rech, Raphael Kist, Cristina Albarrán, Natalia Requena, Stephanie Heupel, Silke Kloppholz, Hannah Kuhn and Nina Rieger


CSI-Karlsruhe: In search of the fungal DNA!



Before and After writing the Diploma!! So hard is to work in our group....



April 2008: Myc-Lab. From left to right: Stephanie Heupel, Nina Rieger, Hannah Kuhn, Silke Kloppholz, Nicole Helber, Sandy Fastner, Natalia Requena



September 2007: Members of the MycLab and AspeLab attend the VAAM Molecular Biology of Fungi in Hamburg



 February 2007: Science-Skiing Seminar in Kleinwalsertal

 2007 Kleinwalsertal

September 2006: Torsten Klug "joins" the Myc lab at the Botanical Garden

July 2006 Myc lab at the Botanical Garden left to right: Christina Müller, Nicole Helber, Hannah Kuhn, Natalia Requena, Regine Kleber, Stephanie Heupel


Mycorrhizal girls

December 2005

left to right: Natalia Requena, Stephanie Heupel, Regine Kleber, Caroline Uebel, Hannah Kuhn